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My favorite Sounds to Labor To


“What do you listen to while laboring?”

Sounds like a simple question but I find that I am often either answering or suggesting this to people so I thought I would give it the honor of it’s own post. For me, I like to keep it simple and I like the freedom of being able to think about or do whatever I want while I’m in labor.

That said, my absolute top favorite is Just laboring and working through and with the contractions with the rain pouring down around me, or at least being able to close my eyes and slip into a great rhythm with that as my focus, is perfection. With my last labor I even had a┬áspread of fresh cut fruit spread out with the iPad right behind it blaring the rain straight from the free website, right next to the labor tub. I just can’t imagine anything better.


Next I would say is listening to The Lisa Gerrard Pandora Station. Something about her voice and the music that they pair up with it makes this station just blissful for me. It’s relaxing in general but with candles and even the rain added on top of it, I find I can really manage contractions well.

The thing about making plans for working through labor they need to be flexible and broad. You may think you love one thing but the second you get into labor you hate it. Or half way through labor you change your mind. That’s totally fine. Just anticipate it and be ready to switch it up. Obviously this applies to way more than just music.

What do you love to labor to? I would love to know!

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