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My Waterbirth at Home with my Sweet little Superman at 42 weeks and 3 days


32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant

When I was expecting my second son I knew I wanted a home birth. I had no idea what I was in for, though. My first birth came with 29 hours of unmedicated labor, 12 of which were at the hospital, and it was hard and completely exhausting. But totally worth it. Between baby one and two I had 5 and a half years and attended about 50 births. I also had the invaluable insight of teaching hundreds of couples through classes and seminars. This gave me an entirely deeper perspective on how to work WITH your body to have a smoother and easier labor and birth. 

Me with Ina May 2010

Me with Ina May 2010

While anticipating this new life, I did a great deal of visualization for the birth that I wanted as well as studied up out of some of the best books, namely Ina May and Henci Goer. Now, since labor and birth are so unpredictable, I imagined every possible scenario I could think of and when through how I would handle it and respond. Fast labor, long labor, hard labor, easy labor. I didn’t want to leave anything out. I was seeking to have it feel so familiar that when I actually went into labor it would be as though I’d already been there, thus giving me additional confidence.

295 Days Pregnant, or 15 days "late" July 2010

295 Days Pregnant, or 15 days “late” July 2010

I also focused on listening to any and every fear that may come up so I could dismiss it. From what I had observed and studied, it seemed any measure of fear in the birth room from anyone introduces additional danger. And having a homebirth I was keenly interested in keeping any and all risks to an absolute minimum.

I could not have been happier with how things went.

Below is my video montage I made of his birth. It is minimally graphic. He was born at home in the water and finally showed up 17 days past his “estimated due date.” He was good to mama with just three and half hours of strong, intense, but not painful labor, and after 3 pushes, came out just one ounce shy of 10 pounds!

My Little Superman 1 month old

My Little Superman 1 month old

The song is “Amazing” by Janelle and it was perfect for how I feel about this little spirit that came into our home. He is strength in every sense of the word and to me is just so very amazing.

While this is clearly a very intimate part of our lives, I decided to share this video anyway. I am hoping to help others feel confident in their bodies and in birth from this video as others have helped me. The great deal of visualizing I did with this pregnancy about having a birth with out fear or pain was greatly supported because others let me into their births this way.

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