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Sex and Birth. They are Not Really All that Different [VIDEO]

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I’ve been a big fan of Michel Odent for years, the french obstetrician and childbirth specialist. He has had some very daring things to say about the labor and birth process and the chief hormone that’s at play: oxytocin.

Image credit to: Neurosculpting Institute

Image credit to: Neurosculpting Institute

Now, anyone who’s had even a cursory level of education about chemicals, hormones and the body is likely familiar with the hormone oxytocin as it is referred to as the “love hormone.” It’s also the same one that floods into your veins when you’re having a passionate kiss with someone, when you have a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue and even when you have a 30+ second hug from someone that you feel safe and connected with. It is, also, the hormone that is in high doses when you orgasm.

on the monitorsSex, and how delicate that process can be for both members to achieve optimal enjoyment, is not really all that different than labor. Labor contractions are determined in strength, duration and frequency by the same hormone, that builds throughout the labor process. Any and all medications, interventions and even undesired people that interfere with the labor process can and likely will also interfere with the build and efficacy of this hormone as well. You see, oxytocin is the opposite of adrenaline and when you’re nervous or scared your oxytocin levels can drop dramatically or even disappear entirely. But this can be a difficult and even uncomfortable conversation to have with a couple expecting a baby.

So, hats off to to this amazing group for attempting this daring and provocative demonstration of how sex and labor correlate. If you put a couple having sex in the same shoes as a laboring woman in a hospital setting, how would that play out. Yes it is slightly graphic but hey, so is birth. And in my professional opinion they totally nailed it!

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